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  • Coin Specifications

  • Category Buffalo Nickel
  • Mint location Denver
  • Mintage 8,362,000
  • Weight 5.000g
  • Diameter 21.2mm

5C 1918/7-D Genuine 84 Environmental Damage VG Details NGC

Among major varieties of Buffalo nickels, the 1918/7-D is far and away the rarest. This over date was not discovered until years after pieces were struck and released into circulation, by which time most were lost forever. Discovered in 1931, significant collector interest did not arise until the 1940s. There was a strong public demand for minor coins during the final years of WWI and the Philadelphia Mint was working feverishly creating both 1917 and 1918-dated Buffalo Five Cents dies in the final months 1917. Working to ship as many working dies to the branch mint at Denver as possible; the Philadelphia Mint gave a second impression to a 1917-dated obverse die from a 1918-dated hub. The Denver Mint produced an unknown number of 1918/7-D Buffalo Five Cents.

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