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1943-D Jefferson Nickel. MS-68+ 5FS (NGC).

Price $9,750.00

The Sole Finest Certified 1943-D Nickel
Tied for Finest of the Type

1943-D Jefferson Nickel. MS-68+ 5FS (NGC).
This is an exceptional 1943-D Jefferson nickel that represents the pinnacle of both the date and the transitional "wartime" type. It is magnificently toned with vivid pastel colors that deliver outstanding visual appeal. Well struck and essentially perfect beneath a glass.
Early in World War II, nickel's role as a strategic metal in the war effort meant that an alternative for coinage needed to be found. After several experiments, the Mint came up with a seemingly odd alloy of 56% copper, 35% silver, and 9% manganese that would work as it would have minimal impact on existing vending machines and turnstiles. The present example ranks not only as the sole finest certified of the 1943-D, but is tied with one other coin (1943-P (PCGS)) as the finest known for the entire wartime type. It is a truly exceptional Ultra Gem notable both for its quality and its incredible toning, and it is surely destined for a world-class cabinet of 20th century rarities.

PCGS# 84020.NGC ID: 22TS.

NGC Census: 1; none finer.

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